Measuring our impact

Environmental, social and governance information

We publish regularly updated information on our performance in relation to environmental, social and governance issues. This helps us understand the impact of our actions on people and the planet.

We provide an update on sustainability in our Strategic Report 2017 PDF 4MB and Annual Report and Accounts 2017 PDF 6MB and on the sustainability pages of this website.

You can find policies covering areas such as ‎forestry, energy, agricultural commodities, defence and mining on our Sustainability risk page.

Sustainability memberships

We work with a range of stakeholders, industry forums, and groups focused on sustainable finance and investment.
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2017 reports

2016 reports

2015 reports

2014 reports

Archive of Sustainability Reports

News and insight

Businesses seek green gains

Businesses can benefit financially by encouraging their suppliers to be more sustainable.

The new space race

Satellites could help to connect 350 million people worldwide to the internet in the coming decade, says HSBC’s Davey Jose.

HSBC hits USD25bn sustainability milestone

The bank has set itself a target of providing USD100 billion in sustainable financing by 2025.