Our approach

How we do business
is as important as
what we do

Forging lasting relationships

We are committed to building a business for the long term, developing relationships that last. We want to be a well-managed organisation that people are proud to work for, has the trust of our clients and the communities we serve, and minimises its impact on the environment.

Serving our customers

HSBC has adapted and grown over the last 150 years. But the foundations of our strategy and values remain the same. Our belief in doing the right thing remains key to our success.

Our values

We are open, dependable and connected. We want to ensure our employees feel empowered to do the right thing and that we meet the expectations of customers, regulators and investors.

Our strategy

HSBC is the world’s leading international bank. Our long-term strategy builds on our unique advantages as a business and positions us to capitalise on global trends affecting our industry.

Building a sustainable future

We recognise our wider commitments to the communities in which we operate and understand that economic growth must also be sustainable.

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Measuring our impact

The decrease in our carbon dioxide emissions since 2011
The time our employees spent on training and development activities in 2017
The amount of sustainable financing and investment we have pledged to provide by 2025

Culture and people

Our distinctive culture reflects the diversity of our people and the sense of responsibility that comes with looking after other people’s money.

Risk and responsibility

We take an active approach to managing risk. Robust governance helps us meet our responsibilities and protect our business, customers and investors.

Corporate governance

We have a comprehensive range of policies and systems in place to ensure that the bank is well-managed, with effective oversight and control.

News and insight

Businesses seek green gains

Businesses can benefit financially by encouraging their suppliers to be more sustainable.

HSBC hits USD25bn sustainability milestone

The bank has set itself a target of providing USD100 billion in sustainable financing by 2025.

The future of cities

New technologies could make ‘smart cities’ cleaner, more efficient and safer places to live.