Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming part of our everyday lives, both professionally and personally.

At HSBC, we’re really excited about this future – and we know that we're going to play a key role when it comes to its responsible and ethical development.

We’re not focused on innovating for the sake of innovation. It’s about being human-centric, about taking the best of our human experience in working with our customers and combining that with emerging technologies such as AI, fusing them together, and ultimately delivering a superior product or capability.

I believe it’s that combination of human and machine working together, hand in hand, that will deliver responsible and ethical outcomes.

Reskilling colleagues

People are at the heart of any technological transformation.

We have an obligation to make sure our people are reskilled and prepared for an AI future, ready to take on those challenges in order to serve our customers.

This is something that we take very seriously at HSBC and weve taken steps to prepare our colleagues by introducing bank-wide AI literacy and ambassador programmes.

Keeping customers safe

Now make no mistake, with this emerging technology, there are challenges that have to be addressed, particularly around trust.

Alongside responsible and ethical product development, we need to provide assurance that we’re doing the right thing for our customers, that we’re engaging with them on products and services that are really fit for purpose.

Because of the rapid pace of this technological evolution, we have to make sure that we're working with a range of partners and regulators to make sure that they're comfortable and understand what our strategic ambitions are.

As a financial institution, we have an obligation to make sure that our clients and their data is kept safe.

We recognise that there are those out there who seek to use AI technology against us and our customers. We take all of those potential threats seriously and are investing in future protection to ensure we maintain that trusted relationship between us and our customers.

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