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26 Nov 2020 Creating and sustaining meaningful partnerships

Partnership is vital to overcoming challenges ranging from COVID-19 to climate change, says HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker.

23 Nov 2020 The banking industry must lead Europe’s recovery

The financial services industry must play a leading role in supporting European economies as they move through the ongoing crisis into recovery, according to HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker.

31 Jan 2020 A new era for China-UK relations

The time is right to work towards a more strategic relationship between China and the UK, says HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker.

22 Nov 2019 Insuring the future in Asia

Technology can help insurers reach more consumers in Asia, according to HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker.

18 Jun 2019 Renewing trust in banking

The UK financial services sector must continue to work hard to restore its reputation following the financial crisis, says HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker.

15 May 2019 Opening up China’s economy

Policies targeting key areas have been instrumental in supporting China’s growth over the past 40 years, according to HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker.

01 Mar 2019 How China and the UK can advance globalisation

China has a key role to play in promoting greater global integration – with the support of countries such as the UK, says HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker.

26 Jun 2018 Towards a more strategic UK-China relationship

The UK and China could benefit from closer cooperation in areas such as sustainability, says HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker.

20 Jun 2018 Green opportunities on the Belt and Road

The Belt and Road Initiative is a key part of China’s efforts to tackle climate change, says Bryce Johns, Group Head of Insurance, HSBC.

14 Jun 2018 Developing the green bond market

Green bonds have an important part to play in tackling climate change, says HSBC’s John Flint.

28 Nov 2017 Asia: The centre of global trade and growth

Continued economic reforms could help Asia play an even greater role on the world stage, says HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker.

15 Nov 2017 Rethinking global trade finance

Business leaders must take action to improve access to trade finance, says Natalie Blyth.

11 Oct 2017 China's global ambitions

China’s growing influence in international affairs should be welcomed, says Stuart Gulliver.

09 Aug 2017 China opens up to inward investors

The US and China are set to cooperate in areas including capital markets, technology and innovation and retail, says David Liao, CEO and President, HSBC China.

06 Apr 2017 Inside tomorrow’s China

China is now the world’s leading advocate for open trade, says HSBC’s Stuart Gulliver.

07 Feb 2017 Seizing the Asian opportunity

Businesses seeking growth in Asia need to understand how it is changing, says Stuart Gulliver.

16 Dec 2016 Trade finance in a changing world

Digital technology could make international trade safer and quicker, says Douglas Flint.

11 Oct 2016 China's transition

China’s economic transition continues to offer opportunities for international businesses, says HSBC Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver.

30 Sep 2016 Sharing information

Sharing information is key to combatting financial crime, says Stuart Levey, Chief Legal Officer, HSBC.

24 Aug 2016 Financing China’s green ambitions

China is committed to fighting climate change, says Helen Wong, Chief Executive, Greater China, HSBC - and businesses must adapt to stay competitive.

07 Apr 2016 Shaping the future

China remains on course to become the dominant economic power of the 21st century, HSBC Group CEO Stuart Gulliver said in a speech in Hong Kong.

08 Dec 2015 Pathways to carbon neutrality

Investors increasingly demand opportunities for green investment, says HSBC Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver.

16 Oct 2015 Green opportunities

China’s commitment to reducing pollution will create opportunities for Europe, says HSBC Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver.

25 Sep 2015 Financing the low-carbon economy

Stuart Gulliver, HSBC Group CEO, discussed how the public and private sectors need to work together to tackle climate change in a speech in New York.

18 Sep 2015 Supporting China’s growth

Douglas Flint, HSBC Group Chairman, discusses HSBC’s role as a foreign bank in China and the opportunities to support the country’s growth in future.

27 Mar 2015 China’s global future

According to HSBC Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver, China has made strong progress in encouraging the international use of the renminbi.

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