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Local channels

HSBC China: Search for 汇丰人寿

HSBC China: Search for 汇丰中国企业 or HSBC CN Business

HSBC China: Search for 汇丰中国小企业 or HSBC RBB eBanking

HSBC China Business: Search for 汇丰中国企业服务 or HSBC China Business

HSBC China Careers: Search for 汇丰中国人才招聘 or HSBC-CHINA-EB

HSBC China Personal Banking: Search for 汇丰中国 or HSBC-CHINA-RBWM

HSBC China Personal Banking Customer Service: Search for 汇丰中国客户服务 or HSBCeBanking

HSBC Global Recruitment: Search for 汇丰环球人才招聘

HSBC Hong Kong: Search for 汇丰香港 or hsbc-hongkong

HSBC Hong Kong: Search for 滙豐香港商業理財 or HSBCHKBusiness

HSBC Hong Kong: Search for HSBC MPF

HSBC Macau: Search for 滙豐澳門個人理財 or HSBC Macau

HSBC Private Banking: Search for 汇丰亞洲私人银行業務

HSBC Pinnacle: Search for 汇丰汇选 or HSBC Choice

HSBC Pinnacle: Search for 汇丰私人财富规划 or HSBC Private Wealth Planning

HSBC Rural Bank: Search for 汇丰村镇银行

HSBC Technology China Careers: Search for 汇丰软件人才招聘 or HSBC recruitment

HSBC Wealth Management: Search for 汇丰银行财富管理 or HSBC Wealth Management

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More about HSBC

Digital banking

HSBC is investing in innovative technology to make banking for customers easier and more secure.

Purpose, values and strategy

Our ambition is to be the preferred international financial partner for our clients.

HSBC news

HSBC buys Silicon Valley Bank UK

We’ve acquired the UK arm of US lender Silicon Valley Bank.

We’ve set climate targets for the real economy

We’ve announced further financed emissions targets for four carbon-intensive sectors.

Our energy policy to support net zero transition

The updated policy will support the transition towards a net zero future by 2050 or sooner.