Shares in HSBC Holdings plc are held by 200,000 shareholders in 131 countries and territories. HSBC has a primary share listing on the UK’s London Stock Exchange and branch listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Bermuda Stock Exchange. Its shares are also listed on Euronext Paris and on the New York Stock Exchange.

The bank has a record of paying quarterly dividends on its ordinary shares every year. This includes scrip dividends, which means that shareholders can opt to receive new shares in lieu of a cash payment.

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In line with the Board’s policy, dividends are paid every quarter on ordinary shares, with a pattern of three equal interim dividends for the first three quarters and a variable fourth interim dividend. Dividends are declared in US dollars but can also be paid in UK pounds sterling, Hong Kong dollars, or a combination of these three currencies, at the shareholder’s request. Dividends may also be satisfied, either completely or partially, by the issue of new shares instead of cash.

HSBC’s financial year is the calendar year up to and including 31 December. Annual results are usually announced at the end of February or early in March of the following year. In addition, HSBC reports interim results for the six months to 30 June each year, which are usually announced towards the end of July or early in August. Quarterly updates are provided for the first and third quarters.

Shareholders and other interested parties can register to see HSBC’s results presented live via a webcast. For more information on our results and to see the latest performance figures and access the archive, please visit our group results and reporting section.

Our Annual General Meeting is normally held in April each year. For details of the AGM, past presentations and upcoming events, see our events and presentations section.

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HSBC stock symbols  
Hong Kong 5
France HSB
Bermuda HSBC.BH
ISIN GB0005405286
ADR CUSIP 404280406