Markets & Securities Services Internship

An Internship in one of our business lines within Markets & Securities Services can provide the perfect insight into working in an international bank. Regardless of your degree subject, your skills and motivation could help you develop an exciting career whether that is focused on Markets (Sales and Trading), Global Research or Securities Services.

For: Penultimate-year students (June/July start), or final-year students and recent graduates (for off-cycle Feb/Mar start)
Duration: 5 to 16 weeks
Areas: Markets - Markets (off-cycle), Sales, Sales (off-cycle), Trading, Trading (off-cycle) or Quants
Start date: March 2022 onwards

We encourage you to apply for your programme of choice as soon as possible as we recruit on a rolling basis and may close applications before the advertised date if all vacancies are filled.


On our competitively paid internship, you’ll experience life in either Markets (Sales and Trading), Global Research or Securities Services providing you with a well-rounded idea of what a career in Markets & Securities Services can offer.

What you can expect

Markets & Securities Services at HSBC provides Markets, Global Research and Securities Services requirements to major government, corporate and institutional clients worldwide, uniquely positioned to provide a bridge between emerging and developed markets.

You’ll work alongside industry specialists, learning how the different areas of Markets & Securities Services work together to serve the broad range of needs of our clients. You’ll collaborate with a diverse community of peers who will encourage you to succeed. Our programme of training, delivered through interactive presentations, case studies and workshops, will help you keep up to date with the fast-paced environment of Markets & Securities Services. We look for determination and courageous thinking, and we'll reward your efforts with mutual support and a clear path for your future.

What you will do

After an induction, including tailored technical training, you’ll have the chance to explore your interests in either Markets, Global Research or Securities Services.

For those interested in our Markets internship, our Markets business provides Sales and Trading Services.

  • In Sales, you will:

    • Develop an understanding of different asset classes and product types. You will also learn how the solutions we offer differ depending on client type and needs.
    • Understand the importance of both strong external and internal relationships.
    • Work closely not only with your Sales colleagues, but also with Trading and Global Research to ensure we deliver the best service to our clients.
    • Learn how to formulate views, with the aim that you can present a trade idea by the end of your internship. You will build your communication skills by presenting market views and investment solutions.
  • In Trading, you will:

    • Build your understanding of the various dynamics that drive markets. You will learn the correlations between various factors and get a feeling for what to look out for when trading a particular market.
    • Learn about the broad range of products offered within our key asset classes: Foreign Exchange, Emerging Markets Rates and Commodities; Global Debt Markets; Equities; and Securities Financing, and understand why clients trade them.
    • Assist in an analytical project or build new tools that support the desk.
    • Understand the relationships between Sales, Structuring and Trading, as well as how this works to serve our clients.

For those interested in our Global Research internship, you will

  • Work alongside a team of experts to identify investment opportunities that support the needs of our clients.
  • Learn how our Economists analyse global themes and trends in order to make economic and policy forecasts.

For those interested in our Securities Services internship, you will

  • Gain insight into a number of areas such as custody services, investment operations, fund administration and middle office services. Training, support and industry advice will be available throughout your internship.
  • Be part of our team, learning how we deliver regional and international services and handle end-to-end transactions in a way that protects our clients’ interests.
  • Work with peers and specialists to develop your skills and broaden your knowledge of Securities Services, and how to offer a better client service in a world that is more regulated and competitively challenging than ever.

Life on the Markets programme

Through the programme, Sam found the intersection of computer science and finance that he was looking for. He is enjoying working with people around the world, and learning how his skills can help improve products and services for our customers.

Life on the Global Research programme

Melissa is producing reports and trade ideas for clients from the research she’s conducting. She feels like part of the team and can be herself, knowing her ideas and opinions will be listened to.

Life on the Securities Services programme

By rotating through different teams Ridhwan is learning where his strengths lie and what areas he enjoys so that he knows in which direction to take his career.

Who does this suit?

You will get the opportunity to take great responsibility, while building on your personal and professional skills. We’re looking for:

  • Inquisitive minds. You should always be questioning ideas and curious to learn more about our products and services, enabling us to meet our clients’ evolving needs
  • Good networkers. We encourage you to work with clients, senior management, peers and our other teams internationally. This means you should be confident when communicating and show courage when presenting
  • Opportunity takers. We’re an international company with opportunities around the globe. Jumping at the chance to take on a challenging, yet rewarding project will show you’ve got the motivation to progress to the next level
  • Team players. We encourage our people to work together. This means collaborating with colleagues to learn more about our products, asset classes and how to best interact with clients. Being able to work well in a team will help take your career further

What can this lead to?

Perform well and we'll consider you for our Markets & Securities Services Graduate Programme, where you will be able to complete rotations within your chosen business line (Markets, Global Research or Securities Services). Then you can specialise in an area you are passionate about, working to develop into a future leader in our international and ever-changing bank.

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