Asset Management Internship

Whether you are studying social sciences or computer sciences, at HSBC we’re looking for individuals who have the right skills and motivation to learn about the world of international finance. With our Asset Management Internship, we’ll help you discover where your skills lie and how you can make an impact with us, within either our Sales or Investments stream.

For: Penultimate year undergraduates
Duration: 5 to 16 weeks
Areas: Asset Management - Sales, Investments or Alternatives
Start date: June 2022 onwards

We encourage you to apply for your programme of choice as soon as possible, as we recruit on a rolling basis and may close applications before the advertised date, if all vacancies are filled.


On this competitively paid internship, you’ll be a part of a forward-thinking team within either Sales or Investments, understanding how HSBC connects customers and clients globally with various investment opportunities.

What you can expect

On our Asset Management Internship, you can expect to be part of a worldwide network, working with people of different cultures, international clients and diverse teams.

You will be working in either the UK or Hong Kong. You will be continually challenged and given responsibility, and will be supported by our experts who are ready to pass on their understanding of our clients and knowledge behind the complexities of working in a multinational bank.

What you will do

You will not only learn about the breadth of the impact of our work, from regional and individual accounts to multinational and investment opportunities, but you will discover the importance behind risk management and data analysis. You will explore how a dedicated and curious attitude can go far when it comes to offering our clients a better service.

  • For those joining our Sales stream, you will develop your interpersonal, communication and presentation skills, as you build your understanding of working with clients
  • For those joining our Investments stream, you will develop your analytical skills, at both a micro and macro level. Intellectual curiosity and problem-solving are key

Life in Asset Management (duration 2:13) Dupe's rotations on the programme have helped her build new skills and gain knowledge that she can apply to her next rotation and into her destination role

Who does this suit?

We’re looking for collaborative and courageous people who are:

  • Strategic thinkers. We might be an international-focused bank, but it’s critical to our success that we consider local strategies, becoming regional guides for our clients. You should be energised by the opportunity to provide better ways of working for our clients
  • Problem solvers. We will task you with a range of projects that will require you to understand client needs and support the delivery of solutions. Having an analytical and innovative approach will help you to reach solutions faster
  • Opportunity takers. We are an international company offering many opportunities. Jumping at the chance to take on a new meaningful and rewarding project will show that you’ve got the motivation to move up to the next level
  • Sociable networkers. You will need to be able help solve customer problems while keeping a level head – a dedication to keeping your clients happy will go far

What can this lead to?

If your internship goes well, you could be considered for our Asset Management Graduate Programme. From there, you will have the opportunity to progress to an exciting role with us.

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