Retail Banking and Wealth Management Graduate Programme

You should have fresh ideas and a determination to gain real customer-focused experience. Our two-year Retail Banking and Wealth Management Graduate Programme will make the most of your skills regardless of what subject you’ve studied. You’ll be encouraged to bring your enthusiasm to inspire your new team and deliver great service to millions of customers.

For: Final-year student or recent graduate
Duration: Two years
Areas: Wealth and Personal Banking – Retail Banking and Wealth Management

We encourage you to apply for your programme of choice as soon as possible, as we recruit on a rolling basis and may close applications before the advertised date, if all vacancies are filled.


On our competitively paid graduate programme, you will complete four rotations, each lasting six months. You will learn about customer experience, team leadership, strategy and change initiatives, and risk.

What you can expect

In Retail Banking and Wealth Management, we help customers across the world with the management of their day-to-day finances and savings. You can expect to expand your skills while learning to thrive under pressure. You will be supported throughout by a team of professionals who will help to build your knowledge of international banking and to develop and present ideas with confidence. We will reward you with a market-competitive pay and benefits package.

What you will do

You will gain an insight into how our branches and Contact Centres operate, while acting as the face of HSBC for our customers. You will learn about our product offerings, how we position them in the market and the processes and strategies behind them, including how we protect the interests of our customers at all times. We are at the forefront of new technology and you will see the impact that these new products and services have on our customers.

When joining one of our specialist teams, you can increase your exposure to creative projects that influence the direction of our bank. You will have the chance to lead people and work on innovative digital projects.

Who does this suit?

We are looking for motivated and curious people who are:

  • Good networkers. We encourage you to collaborate with clients, senior management, peers and our other teams internationally. This means you should be a strong communicator, show courage when presenting and be the face of HSBC for our clients
  • Fast learners. You will work with new people on constantly evolving projects to help customers. By quickly becoming an expert in your area and keeping on top of ever-changing markets, you will gain the credibility to succeed
  • Diverse thinkers. Bringing new ideas to the table and sharing an enthusiasm for improving our services is welcomed by our teams in both customer-facing and head office roles. Your dedication to delivering projects efficiently and sticking to rules and regulations will be important
  • Opportunity takers. Having the courage to jump at the chance to do a rotation somewhere new or taking on a challenging, yet rewarding project will show that you’ve got the motivation to take your career to a higher level

What can this lead to?

If you excel here, you could be considered for a variety of roles across our international network – You could go into a people-management role in the Customer Channels team, a more specialist area of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, such as Product and Propositions or Strategy and Planning – and beyond. You’ll then have the opportunity to develop your capabilities and grow your career in the direction which is right for you, including progression to a senior management or leadership position over time. Building your network and demonstrating a real passion for taking your career further will help get you there even sooner.


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