Quantitative Finance Full Time Associate Programme (UK only)

Whether your advanced degree subject is mathematics, computer science, engineering, finance, economics, or anything in between, our Quantitative Finance Full-Time Associate Programme is for you. Our roles across Trading, Sales, Structuring and Quantitative teams require expertise in a technical subject and will offer the perfect place to build your career within the Markets & Securities Services business. Our teams thrive off of highly competent individuals who can work collaboratively and bring a wide range of skills and knowledge.

We are looking for individuals studying a PhD or regional equivalent, or those who have finished their degree and have experience in the industry. Now is the time to discover how your skills and interests can drive your career.

For: PhD students or regional equivalent
Duration: Two years
Areas: Markets - Markets (off-cycle), Sales, Sales (off-cycle), Trading, Trading (off-cycle) or Quants
Start date: July 2021 onwards
Location: UK
Requirements: You will have obtained at least 300 UCAS points pre-September 2017 and 120 post September 2017 in accordance with UCAS Tariff changes across your top three A-Levels or equivalent, excluding General Studies (AS Levels and GCSEs are not considered). You will have achieved or will be on track to achieve a minimum of a 2:1 Degree classification / 3.2 GPA or higher or overseas equivalent to this. You will be UK nationally mobile. Be fluent in English.
Applications open: 30 October 2020
Applications close: 5 January 2021
Start date: July 2021 onwards


On our competitively paid two-year Associate Programme, you’ll experience life in our technical and quantitative analytics roles within the world of Markets & Securities Services, adding your voice and ideas to the business.

What you can expect

On our Associate Programme you will be challenged, relied on and supported every step of the way. Your programme will start with an induction and training, to help your transition into the organisation. Our global network gives you the advantage of being able to connect with senior leaders, industry professionals and peers from all over the world, across multiple divisions. They are on hand to give you advice and support your learning and development.

What you will do

Our Quantitative Finance Associates will work on tasks and projects that add value to our Markets & Securities Services business across Trading, Sales, Structuring and Quantitative teams. You will further develop your quantitative, analytical and problem solving skills in various application fields. This could be derivatives modelling, financial products engineering, credit analysis, algorithmic trading or data science and machine learning. You’ll work with senior leaders and colleagues to bring solutions to serve our clients and will take part in a range of activities, projects and networking opportunities.

Life in Markets & Securities Services (duration 1:35) Jennifer joined our graduate programme after she completed our summer internship and has adapted well to a fast-changing environment where no two days are the same

Who does this suit?

We are looking for dedicated, team-spirited and motivated people who are:

  • Committed researchers. We run a business where markets and client needs are constantly changing. You should always be curious; questioning ideas and showing a keen interest in learning about our methods
  • Agile workers. You’ll work in a fast-paced environment. You’ll maintain momentum by promoting agile working and ensuring we constantly deliver sound business solutions for our clients
  • Analytical thinkers. You’ll need a good eye for detail, a creative mind for analysing trends, and the courage to adopt new analytical methods
  • Team players. At HSBC, we do things together so that we can deliver the best solutions for our clients. That means being dedicated and able to collaborate: to listen to, as well as voice ideas and opinions that could develop our offering to clients

What can this lead to?

Following the Associate Programme, you could go into a specialist role that suits your personality and skills, working alongside like-minded colleagues who share a passion for backing up client decisions with solid analysis.

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