Markets & Securities Services Graduate Programme

The breadth of opportunities within our Markets & Securities Services business means that, whatever your degree subject, your skills and passion have a place within our business. In Markets & Securities Services, the combination of world-class services, global reach and industry experts ensures this is an exciting place to build your career.

For: Final year students or recent graduates
Duration: Two years
Areas: Markets - Markets (off-cycle), Sales, Sales (off-cycle), Trading, Trading (off-cycle) or Quants
Start date: July 2022 onwards

We encourage you to apply for your programme of choice as soon as possible, as we recruit on a rolling basis and may close applications before the advertised date, if all vacancies are filled.


On our competitively paid two-year graduate programme, you will experience life in either Markets (Sales and Trading), Global Research or Securities Services, adding your voice and ideas to these areas of our Markets & Securities Services business.

What you can expect

Markets & Securities Services at HSBC provides Markets (Sales and Trading), Global Research and Securities Services requirements to major government, corporate and institutional clients worldwide. You will join our graduate programme in one of these business lines, where you will be challenged, relied on and supported every step of the way.

Our global network gives you the advantage of being able to connect with senior leaders, industry professionals and peers from all over the world. They are on hand to give you advice about multi-asset services and market-leading products. Our strong position in the global markets gives you an established platform to start building your career.

What you will do

We welcome top graduates from a diverse range of degree disciplines. Bring your skills and hard-working attitude and we will invest in building your confidence and capabilities in either Sales, Trading, Global Research or Securities Services.

In Sales, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of different assets classes and product types. You will also learn how the solutions we offer differ depending on client type and needs.
  • Understand the importance of both strong external and internal relationships. You will work closely not only with clients and Sales colleagues, but also with Trading and Global Research to ensure we deliver the best service to our clients.
  • Keep up to date with market events and will learn how to formulate views. Over time you will start to bring ideas to the table on how we can create solutions that meet client needs.

In Trading, you will:

  • Get hands-on experience across a broad range of products within our key asset classes: Foreign Exchange, Emerging Markets Rates and Commodities; Global Debt Markets; Equities; and Securities Financing. You’ll also learn about different types of trading, including flow, derivatives, structuring or even electronic trading.
  • Learn how to price securities, understanding the risk from these trades and how the bank hedges/manages that risk.
  • Gain an understanding of the idiosyncrasies of the markets you work in, as well developing a broad understanding of markets such as risk off/risk on moves and how assets are correlated.
  • Develop tools for the teams to assist in analysis or risk management, coding skills are a plus but can be learnt on the desk.

In Global Research, you will:

  • Become part of a team of Global Research experts, realising the importance of keeping on top of market news, economic data releases and day-to-day news flows.
  • Learn about macroeconomic, sector and company-specific research and how these affect the services we offer our clients.
  • Familiarise yourself with our trade strategies, business targets and analytical methods, working with research analysts and economists to understand how we use these tools.
  • Learn about our clients and their needs. Over time, you will be able to build out your exposure to clients via a range of different channels, including meetings, presentations, events and client data requests.

In Securities Services, you will:

  • Deliver regional and international services, demonstrating your ability to handle end-to-end transactions and protect our clients’ interests including asset owners and managers, banks and broker dealers and corporates.
  • Present ideas on how we can meet the needs of clients worldwide, with placements in areas such as product, product delivery, sales, business management and beyond.
  • Be involved in a range of projects that will require you to think about how we can tailor our services to our clients, helping to support their growth and secure their market position.

Throughout your programme you will have the opportunity to complete rotations in your chosen business line within Markets & Securities Services, be that Sales, Trading, Global Research or Securities Services. Developing your breadth of experience is important to us, as well as your ability to serve our clients, as it ensures you gain an understanding of how all of these areas operate. It will also help you decide where you’d like to develop your skills and pursue a career, after the programme.

Life on the Markets programme

Through the programme, Sam found the intersection of computer science and finance that he was looking for. He is enjoying working with people around the world, and learning how his skills can help improve products and services for our customers.

Life on the Global Research programme

Melissa is producing reports and trade ideas for clients from the research she’s conducting. She feels like part of the team and can be herself, knowing her ideas and opinions will be listened to.

Life on the Securities Services programme

By rotating through different teams Ridhwan is learning where his strengths lie and what areas he enjoys so that he knows in which direction to take his career.

Who does this suit?

We are looking for motivated, curious and dedicated people who are:

  • Outgoing investigators. You will communicate with our diverse clients to bring them the solutions they need to grow. You will demonstrate courage in solving complex problems and presenting the results to our clients
  • Fast learners. You will need to keep on top of world news, market trends and new data releases. Quickly becoming an expert in each of these areas will help you to make the right decisions for our clients
  • Analytical thinkers. Having a good eye for detail and a mind for analysing trends will help you to deliver the most suitable products and services for clients and their companies
  • Team players. You will work alongside senior management and peers to learn more about our products, asset classes and how to best interact with clients. Being able to work well in a team will help you further your career

What can this lead to?

Following the graduate programme, you will be placed on a desk within Sales, Trading, Global Research or Securities Services. As Markets & Securities Services operates across more than 60 markets, we can offer you many career paths - whether it be progression to a become a senior leader in your field or perhaps the opportunity to travel and work in another market.


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