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Key information

For: Final-year student or recent graduate

Duration: Two years

Areas: Global Banking and Markets – Global Research

Programme locations


This is a two-year programme that offers two rotations across Global Research. It will enable you to develop skills and expertise in macroeconomic, sector, and company-specific research.

What you can expect

A successful research analyst is dynamic, engaging and creative; and that’s what this graduate programme calls for. It has been designed to involve a wide range of activities, projects and networking sessions which can be tailored to your individual needs. Everyone will take part in the global induction programme, which will allow you to meet colleagues from all over the world and set you off on a successful and fulfilling career.

What you will do

You and your team will work to identify opportunities, converting market trends and events into investment ideas. Everyone is encouraged to share thoughts and pitch ideas about themes, trends, risks and opportunities.

This role requires just as much creative thinking as it does rigorous financial analysis, and you will be rewarded for innovative ideas. Each and every event that affects financial markets creates opportunities and risks. Your job is to help identify them and then write up your ideas and publish them in the form of creative, thought-provoking research. You will also need to convincingly pitch ideas and support clients with their investment process.

Throughout the graduate programme, you will be invited to join networking events, talks from expert speakers, and to socialise with your class. These are all excellent opportunities to learn from those with experience, whilst expanding your global network.

Who does this suit?

We’re looking for motivated and dedicated people who are:

  • Committed researchers. In our business, markets and clients’ needs are constantly changing. You should always be curious; questioning ideas and showing a keen interest in learning about our methods
  • Inquisitive learners. We don’t guess. You should never be afraid to ask if you don’t know the answer. Being inquisitive, courageous and always hungry for knowledge will help you to become a successful researcher with a broad understanding of our business
  • Analytical thinkers. Having a good eye for detail and a mind for analysing data will give you an edge over the competition. But it’s equally important to think creatively and to know your clients’ needs, helping them make the decisions that are best for them
  • Good networkers. We encourage you to collaborate with clients, senior management, peers and our international teams. This means you should be confident when communicating and show courage when presenting

What does this lead to?

This programme is for driven, enthusiastic individuals, and can take you as far as you want to go.

To find out more about what positions are available globally on this programme – and the entry requirements - please click on the relevant location below.

Apply and location criteria:

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