Image of Pablo Sanchez

Pablo Sanchez

Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management

USA and Canada

Credit is one of mankind’s greatest inventions, according to Pablo Sanchez. Banking services can raise people’s standard of living, helping them to buy their home and build a better future for their family, he says. Watch the video below to find out more about why he is passionate about being a banker.

When you think about the financial crisis, certainly mortgage, real estate was at the centre of that and so people don’t feel as warm and fuzzy about that word, ‘credit’, as they used to. But I believe credit has been one of the best inventions of man. Whether you think about fire or the wheel, or of course the Internet in today’s world, you can’t imagine life without that. But the ability to have credit and to gain credit for people has really changed people’s lives, their standard of living all around the world.

The first house I remember living in was a three storey tenement house. It wasn't the most ideal place for young kids to grow up in. This was once my front yard that I played in. It was an old parking lot from the local factory in town.

This one is Pablo Junior and Pablo’s father. And the little one is me.

My parents came to the US from Puerto Rico. My dad came here and started picking fruit and ended up from starting to sweep the floor of this textile mill that he eventually 30 some odd years later became the general manager of.

He was really set on making a difference and having a better life for us. So he saved as much as money as he could and was able to put together a down payment and go to the bank and get a mortgage and really started us on a different life. I just remember us going into those neighbourhoods, looking for a house, being in the station wagon, kind of looking for our dream home and ended up really finding it. It just made a tremendous impact in our lives and just really was such a proud moment for us I think as a family.

Nobody ever really grows up and says ‘hey, I want to be a banker’. I’m probably one of the few people that I know that said ‘I want to be in the money business’. I think it is really the start of wealth creation for families when they buy their first house.

So for me, to be able to do that and be in the business to do that is one of the great satisfying things about my job is to really be able to help people and start people down that path, certainly in that product.

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