Image of Jay Bothra

Jay Bothra

Software Engineer, Technology, Operations and Services


I have always been fascinated by technology. Studying at the National Institute of Technology in Surat, Gujarat, gave me plenty of opportunities to pursue that interest. I threw myself into various clubs and technology groups. I built a robotic prosthetic arm and even constructed a drone before they were widely available.

As the son of a stockbroker in the Bombay Stock Exchange, I had heard stories of the legacy and heritage of HSBC from an early age. So when HSBC came to my campus to interview potential graduate programme candidates as I was finishing my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, my interest was piqued.

I was selected and quickly got to work in the graduate programme, thriving in the rotational system. My first big job at HSBC was a project developing blockchain technology. There wasn’t a lot of knowledge on blockchain applications at the time, so I only expected to make something for my own education. I did not anticipate the success that would follow.

I was part of a team that developed a blockchain application allowing shareholders to safely and securely vote on resolutions during companies’ Annual General Meetings from anywhere in the world. There was a lot of business interest in this application. My collaborators and I won two industry awards for innovation and, most exciting for me, I received a handwritten letter from the Chief Information Officer of my department.


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