Wealth in Asia is growing, with Hong Kong expected to become the world’s largest international wealth hub in the next few years.

As a result of this growth, the wealth talent market is extremely competitive.

In order to make the most of the wealth opportunity, grow our business and become the best retail and wealth bank for our customers, we need the best people.

To attract and develop the best talent, at the scale we need, I believe a more creative skills-based approach is required. One that enables people – whether they’re already working for us or not – to more easily begin a new chapter of their career.

It sounds simple, but it often isn’t. It can be difficult to make an internal move, people don’t always know the value of their own skillsets, how transferrable these skills are or the opportunities that are out there. Changing careers can be nerve wracking and requires a leap of faith.

Pioneering programme

To help people take this leap, we launched our Accelerating Wealth Programme. A game changing skills-based recruitment and development approach for talented people who are looking for a career in wealth.

The pioneering programme prioritises transferrable skills above industry experience and qualifications and gives people the training they need to become a licensed Premier or Private Banking Relationship Manager.

So far, it’s launched externally in Hong Kong and Singapore. Internally, the programme is already available in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India and is launching in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man this month, with more to follow.

Future skills

The world of work is evolving faster than ever and the skills our business needs are constantly changing.

The Accelerating Wealth Programme is just one of the ways we’re helping colleagues build the skills they need now and in the future.

We’ve also launched a Future Skills programme and invested in digital training tools such as Degreed. Our colleagues can also access HSBC Talent Marketplace, which enables our people to apply to work on part-time projects outside of their day-to-day roles, network and develop their skills.

Focusing on skills over experience is inherently more agile and means we can respond to what our customers need now, and in the future, rather than what they have needed in the past.

Accelerate your career by changing lanes

Our new Accelerating Wealth Programme is designed to hire for transferrable skills, rather than experience.