Global Liquidity and Cash Management Internship

We don’t mind what subject you’re studying, as long as you are motivated, curious and dedicated to learning. This internship offers the perfect insight into working in an international bank and our fast-paced Global Liquidity and Cash Management business.

For: Penultimate-year student
Duration: Ten weeks
Areas: Global Banking and Markets – Global Liquidity and Cash Management


On our competitively paid ten-week internship, you will play a key part in our Global Liquidity and Cash Management (GLCM) business where we help our customers do business by supporting them in managing their operating cash flows more efficiently, with greater security and lower risk.

What you can expect

Our Global Banking and Markets business is a dynamic and exciting environment with GLCM servicing the full range of HSBC clients from small local businesses to large corporates, other banks and governments spanning the globe. After a week of induction and initial training, we will provide in-depth insight into how our colleagues work together to meet client needs; supporting them in optimising their cash flows, providing greater security, at a lower cost. You will learn how treasury functions look to optimise capital management, manage their surplus cash, optimise interest earnings, and manage global payables, receivables and everything in between. Having a drive to become a key member of a global network could help you to become one of our leaders of tomorrow.

What you will do

We enable clients to make payments, receive funds and have visibility of their cash balances across the world, ultimately supporting their growth by helping them make smarter business decisions. You will quickly become a part of the team and you will be given responsibility from day one. You will build your knowledge in either product, e-commerce, client management, business management, sales or business risk management, alongside senior leaders and peers who are always willing to support you.

Whether you know where you want your career to take you or not, GLCM opens a world of opportunities with exposure to large international clients and dynamic projects. You can take on the kind of responsibility you may never have experienced before. GLCM is committed to ensuring your internship gives you a thorough understanding of the opportunities available and a genuine sense of what life as an HSBC graduate would be like.

Who does this suit?

We are looking for motivated, dedicated and courageous people who are:

  • Active listeners. You will work with many different teams on exciting initiatives, so being able to listen to those around you, then quickly absorb information and contribute to discussions is important
  • Sociable networkers. We expect you to collaborate with clients, senior management and peers who may sit in the same office, or be in a different country and time zone. This means you should be comfortable communicating in person, over the phone and via email, and confident adapting to different cultures
  • Competitive thinkers. Having a strong desire to deliver the best possible outcome as efficiently as possible whilst minimising risk will provide the ideal platform to build your career in GLCM and beyond. A healthy curiosity is needed to develop new ideas through smart and diverse thinking
  • Fast learners. You will work with new people on constantly evolving projects covering a range of desirable outcomes; cost savings, customer satisfaction, risk mitigation, revenue generation and more. Being able to quickly understand your area, and your contribution to the overall outcome, will fast-track you to success

What can this lead to?

Perform well and you will be considered for our Global Liquidity and Cash Management Graduate Programme. This is the next phase in a challenging and rewarding career in GLCM, fully supported by the network you developed as an intern.

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