Global Banking Graduate Programme

Whether your degree relates to finance, science or the arts there is a place for you on our Global Banking Graduate Programme. Your skills and fresh ideas will help you establish an exciting career in a Corporate Banking, Investment Banking or Global Liquidity and Cash Management role.

For: Final year students or recent graduates
Duration: Two years
Areas: Corporate Banking, Corporate Banking (off-cycle), Investment Banking or Investment Banking (off-cycle)
Start date: July 2022 onwards

We encourage you to apply for your programme of choice as soon as possible as we recruit on a rolling basis and may close applications before the advertised date if all vacancies are filled.


On our competitively paid two-year graduate programme, you will work towards a successful career in either Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Issuer Services or Global Liquidity and Cash Management.

What you can expect

Our Global Banking business is one of the largest investment banking businesses of its kind. We offer 24-hour coverage of local markets and provide a full range of banking services to our clients. You can expect to work on exciting projects in a fast-paced, collaborative environment and interact with clients and colleagues from around the world. Whether you choose Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Issuer Services or Global Liquidity and Cash Management you will be able to explore innovative solutions for our clients.

Global Banking manages HSBC’s largest clients and delivers comprehensive solutions to complex strategic and capital market challenges. You will exchange ideas and strategies, and interact with a broad range of clients, from multinational corporates through to institutional investors, banks and insurance companies as well as governments. It’s a career choice that requires dedication, but one that will give you many rewards in return.

What you will do

You will stretch your own capabilities, challenge the status quo, strive to take your learning to the next level and improve services for our clients. Over your two-year programme, you will gain a good sense of where your skills fit best in either Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Issuer Services or Global Liquidity and Cash Management and how these businesses collaborate together.

In Corporate Banking, you will gain first-hand experience of how our relationship managers, working closely with our product specialists, create innovative solutions to meet the banking needs of our largest corporate and institutional clients. You will have the opportunity to understand how we build sustainable trusted relationships with our clients, gain a great overview of the breadth of products HSBC can offer and see how we respond to our clients’ need by deploying these products within tailored solutions across multiple countries. You will learn how we can incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance requirements into our client solutions, ranging from sustainable supply chains to raising green bonds. You will also see how we help the bank manage the risks inherent in our business credit, reputational and financial crime.

In Investment Banking, you will have the opportunity to work closely with clients to understand their long-term strategic goals and needs. As part of the deal team, you will be delivering tailored financial and advisory solutions designed to meet the specific needs of clients whether they are a corporate, financial institution, asset manager or a public-sector entity. You could be responsible for financial statement analysis, developing valuation and debt models, preparing client pitches and looking after the execution of our mandates. It’s a fast-paced and dynamic environment that requires a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to excellence with an international perspective. You will quickly gain experience and responsibility, allowing you to help facilitate the commercial objectives of the relevant business lines. You will be fully part of the team and become responsible for various tasks to contribute to the team objectives. You will be able to develop a number of skills, including technical ones but also commercial and client capabilities. You will have the opportunity to get exposure to senior people whilst enjoying the experience of having a class of people in your year supporting you in your everyday job.

Whether you are involved in Capital Markets (Corporate Risk Solutions, Debt Capital Markets, Equity Capital Markets, Leveraged & Acquisition Finance, Strategic Equity Finance), Real Assets Financing, Structured Finance or Advisory and Investment Banking Coverage (M&A and sector advisory teams), Investment Banking offers you the opportunity to make a real impact.

Issuer Services provides trustee and agency services across a wide range of products, including Escrows, Project & Export Finance, Securitisation, Loans and Debt programmes. These services allow clients to undertake international capital market activities by expediting the movement of cash and securities and safeguarding the rights of interested parties. You will work with colleagues in the broader Global Banking and Markets business and those from Commercial Banking to structure solutions for clients using HSBC’s capital markets syndication teams and those outside the bank.

Global Liquidity and Cash Management is an integral part of HSBC’s client proposition. It is a dynamic business servicing the full spectrum of HSBC clients from financial institutions, government bodies, multinational corporates to small local businesses across the globe. Here, you will gain insight into how the HSBC team work together to meet client needs; supporting them in optimising their cash flows and processes, improving operating efficiency with greater control by providing state of the art cash management solutions, and acting as trusted advisor to support their business expansion and treasury transformation. This is an industry where digitalisation and partnership with FinTechs have been driving rapid transformation.

We will give you responsibility from day one, encouraging you to drive new internal initiatives, present to colleagues and clients, and work with our colleagues across the globe. You will learn how treasury functions look to optimise their working capital, maximise the use of their cash and effectively manage global payables and receivables, leveraging the latest technology and best practices. You will quickly become a part of the team and will build expertise in client advisory, product development, business management and risk management, working alongside senior leaders and peers who are always willing to support you.

Whether you know where you want your career to take you or not, Global Liquidity and Cash Management opens a world of opportunities with exposure to multinational clients and dynamic projects. Through our global reach, you will be exposed to how business operates on a worldwide scale. We support colleagues’ ambitions to adapt to new environments and apply skills to global projects.

Our Graduate Programme will help you to develop a broad range of technical and transferable skills through a tailored development plan that supports your individual strengths. After completion of the programme you may have the opportunity for a six-month international assignment to help advance your professional development.

Life on the Global Liquidity & Cash Management programme

Michael is expanding his horizons through different initiatives and projects to help solve problems for clients. He’s applying his inquisitive, detailed and analytical mindset while advancing his expertise in different product areas.

Life on the Issuer Services programme

As a child, Helen always imagined herself working in a bank. Now she is learning all about capital market products through job rotations, on-the-job learning, her mentors and the people she works with around the world.

Life on the Investment Banking programme

By working in finance, Adam is getting exposure to all sorts of industries. He feels encouraged and supported to speak up about the direction he wants to take his career in.

Life on the Corporate Banking programme

Tina is developing her skills in relationship management with clients across different sectors. She loves HSBC’s supportive and inclusive environment where she can ask any questions and give her suggestions.

Who does this suit?

We are looking for dedicated and courageous people who are:

  • Passionate role models. Being able to inspire, lead, manage and listen to both individuals and teams is important in building relationships that encourage mutual respect. Looking to the future for our clients is what keeps us ahead of our competition
  • Dedicated multi-taskers. You might be working on several projects at any one time, meaning you should prioritise and manage your time, while keeping on top of constantly changing markets. Adhering to the rules and regulations we have will ensure you deliver the right results for multiple projects
  • Supportive team players. Team work is an important part of our business, and your development. Having a collaborative attitude will help you to solve problems quickly and start to build a network of peers who are there to support you, and be supported too
  • Opportunity takers. We are an international company that can offer opportunities to motivated, courageous people. Taking on a challenging project will not only be rewarding but will also show that you have the power to explore your interests and drive your career growth
  • Intellectual curiosity. Our Global Banking business has a unique breadth of products in terms of what we offer and where we offer these solutions

What can this lead to?

If you succeed here, you could continue the work you’re doing in Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Issuer Services or Global Liquidity and Cash Management where you’ll have the opportunity to take your career in a number of directions. This may include taking on international opportunities or working across multiple products and geographies, while feeding your curiosity and developing an understanding of how we can best serve our clients.

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