Culture and people

We want everyone
to fulfil their potential

Supportive and thoughtful

Not all banks are the same. When we asked our employees how they would describe HSBC, they used words such as ‘supportive’, ‘friendly’ and ‘thoughtful’. We are one of the world’s largest companies, but we pride ourselves on staying true to the values that have underpinned our growth since we were founded more than 150 years ago.

HSBC exists to serve our customers and we have always understood the responsibility that comes with looking after other people’s money. Our culture reflects this sense of responsibility, determining how we behave and make decisions and our attitude towards risk.

How we do business

We are committed to serving customers and communities.

Our values are at the heart of this culture. We are dependable, open and connected. We encourage our people to listen to their colleagues’ views, to speak up and to think about the long-term impact of their actions.

Our distinctive culture also reflects our history and our diversity – HSBC employees speak more than 100 languages and work in more than 60 countries and territories across the globe. This diversity makes good business sense, enabling us to better serve the communities in which we operate and to be creative and generate new ideas.

We believe that our culture means we can provide talented people many ways to fulfil their potential in a nurturing environment that encourages the right behaviour. We want to offer our employees exciting, long-term careers with a variety of opportunities to develop their skills. But we also recognise how important it is to help our employees to balance their work with their personal responsibilities.

That’s why, where possible, we support our staff who want to adopt flexible and alternative ways of working, including working from home, part-time roles and job sharing. In addition, we encourage our employees to pursue other interests and ambitions.

We also recognise and reward people for doing the right thing. Every employee’s conduct during the year is taken into account during their performance appraisal.

Diversity and inclusion

People from many different backgrounds contribute to HSBC’s success. We aim to enable them all to achieve their potential.

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  • Alumni

    With around 238,000 employees – and many more former colleagues – HSBC is a large community. Our Alumni network helps people to stay in touch after leaving the bank.

  • Volunteering

    We encourage our employees to take part in voluntary and charitable work, from local community projects to global causes.

  • HSBC University

    Skills matter more than ever in today’s workplace. Through HSBC University, we are investing in our people so that they can learn, develop their skills and achieve their ambitions.

Our values

We want to grow our business in the right way. Our values underpin our strategy, decisions and day-to-day work.

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News and insight

Let’s talk about mental health

HSBC has launched a mental health education programme for all its employees worldwide.

Recognition for HSBC women

Three HSBC employees feature in American Banker’s list of influential women in finance.

HSBC launches mental health partnership

The bank is championing open and supportive discussions about mental health in the workplace.