Free-trade zones speed up reform

New free-trade zones could accelerate China’s financial reform process, says HSBC's Helen Wong.

Time to understand China

It is increasingly vital for international companies to engage with China, argues Helen Wong.

Year of the Sheep

International use of the Chinese renminbi (RMB) is set to grow during the Year of the Sheep.

China invests in Europe

Chinese investment into Europe is growing fast as China’s economy continues to develop.

German exporters look east

The fast-growing markets of China and India offer opportunities to German exporters.

Mid-market, big opportunities

Understanding what makes mid-market enterprises tick is key to unlocking their potential.

Mapping the middle market

A new HSBC report examines how mid-market firms create jobs and support economic growth.

A future based on trade

US exporters are well placed to benefit from anticipated increases in global trade flows.

India’s opportunity

An HSBC conference in Mumbai discusses India’s economic reform and investment plans.

France looks to China for growth

A strong relationship with China could be key to future growth for some French businesses.