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Tomorrow’s consumers

The expansion of the global middle class offers big opportunities for exporters. But they need to understand consumers’ rapidly changing needs.

Rise of the digital natives

This tech-savvy generation is changing the world's economic assumptions, explains James Pomeroy.

RMB joins the club

China's renminbi has taken another step in its journey towards becoming a global currency.

Banking services

Careers: Progressive minds apply

Find out the opportunities we offer for students and graduates, including internships, global graduate programmes and entry-level positions.

The UK needs to play to its strengths – and that means growing exports not only of goods but also of its world-class service industries
HSBC Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver
explains how Britain can succeed in a post-Brexit world

HSBC tops poll

Bank named Best Global Cash Manager in Euromoney survey.

A city to suit every expat

What attracts expatriates to different cities around the world? HSBC’s latest Expat Explorer survey finds out.