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Today, Asia is the 'factory of the world', responsible for 60 per cent of global electronics exports

Frederic Neumann,
Co-Head of Asian Economic Research, HSBC,

on Asia's changing trade

News and insight

Australia signs China deal

21 Nov 2014

After almost a decade of trade rounds, Australia has finally signed a free-trade agreement with China, its largest trading partner, which should encourage exports of agricultural products and services to China's growing middle classes.
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Spending holds back growth

14 Nov 2014

The trend in consumer spending is the dominant factor that drives the US economy. GDP growth averaged 2.9 per cent annually in the 10 years before the 2008 financial crisis but it has averaged only 2.3 per cent since mid-2009.
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Spain hits the speed limit

After returning to growth in 2014, Spain became the fastest growing of the major eurozone members.

Can ‘Macronomics’ save France?

Can ‘Macronomics’ save France?

By raising productivity, Mr Macron hopes to boost GDP and job creation

Mathilde Lemoine,
Economist, HSBC

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City Value Direction Deviation
London GBp
631.50 Up 6.20
New York USD
49.50 Up 0.37
Paris EUR
8.05 Up 0.15
Hong Kong HKD
76.50 Down -0.35

Investor relations

Interim Management Statement 3Q 2014

HSBC Holdings plc’s Interim Management Statement was announced on
3 November 2014 at 8.15 am GMT.

A replay of the conference call and webcast is now available.

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The third quarter was a period of continued progress. Excluding significant items, we increased underlying profit before tax in all global businesses

Stuart Gulliver,
HSBC Group Chief Executive

Interim Management Statement 3Q 2014
RBWM webcast

RBWM webcast

John Flint, Chief Executive, RBWM, hosted a webcast to investors and analysts on 13 November 2014.

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Third interim 2014


Announcement date:
6 October 2014
Ex-dividend date:
23 October 2014
Payment date:
10 December 2014

About HSBC

6,200 offices

74 countries and territories

52m customers

Headquartered in London, HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations.

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A woman fishing on the Mekong river. Picture: WWF-UK / Thomas Cristofoletti
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HSBC Water Programme

HSBC has created a five-year programme focused on water provision, protection and education.

The partnership with Earthwatch, WaterAid and WWF will provide safe water to 1.1 million people and sanitation for 1.9 million people in South Asia and West Africa and protect freshwater ecosystems and resources in the Yangtze, Ganges, Mekong, Pantanal and African Rift Valley.

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