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HSBC Group corporate website | HSBC Holdings plc

HSBC makes new sustainability pledges

The bank will provide USD100 billion in financing and investment by 2025 as part of five commitments to tackle climate change and support sustainable growth.

Breaking into business

Entrepreneurs who do not come from a family business background may lack connections. But they often make up for it in passion, drive and ambition.

Climate debate heats up

Businesses are stepping up their efforts to combat climate change – including getting more of their energy from renewable sources, says HSBC’s Zoe Knight.

Our shared ambition is to be the bank of choice for customers, colleagues and communities
HSBC UK Chief Executive Ian Stuart
on his goals for our new ring-fenced bank

HSBC buildings through the ages

From former hotels to hat shops, HSBC’s buildings have a rich history. We explore some of the highlights.