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Green finance in action

The proceeds of HSBC’s first-ever green bond are supporting projects in 10 countries.

Asia: As good as it gets

The region has proved remarkably resilient in 2016 – but growth remains disappointingly slow, says HSBC’s Frederic Neumann.

Banking services

Using big data to benefit the economy

HSBC has signed a five-year partnership with The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s newly created national centre for data science.

We want to have an open, caring and inclusive working environment
HSBC's employees
talk about mental health issues

Careers: Progressive minds apply

Find out the opportunities we offer for students and graduates.

China’s relationship with the world – whether political, social, economic or financial – is currently in a period of extended transition
Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver
at the HSBC China and RMB Forum

China paves road to growth

China’s infrastructure plans could present opportunities for international companies, explains HSBC’s Noel Quinn.