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We offer an inclusive, values-led culture, tailored learning and development programmes and competitive benefits.

Meet our people

What is it like to work for HSBC? Employees from across the bank discuss their experiences.

Explore our business

We have roles in retail, commercial, investment and private banking and a range of operational and functional teams.

Whether you are at school, a university student, graduate or are completing an MBA, we have programmes, placements and entry-level positions to suit you.

  • Internships and graduate programmes

  • Work experience

  • Entry-level positions

Careers events

Find out more about careers at HSBC by attending one of our events.

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We connect customers to opportunities through our international network of more than 6,100 offices in 73 countries and territories.

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We are committed to building a sustainable business for the long term, embracing diversity and inclusion, and putting the right values into practice.