Saudi Arabia opens up

Opening the stock market to foreign investment could help Saudi Arabia diversify its economy.

China’s infrastructure ambitions

China is planning major infrastructure investments in countries to its west and south.

Changing landscape for trade

Global trade growth is set to pick up, according to the May 2015 HSBC Trade Forecast.

Export growth to accelerate

Proposed international agreements could support long-term trade growth, says an HSBC report.

HSBC China Conference

An HSBC conference in Shanghai discusses China’s plans for investment and economic reform.

Southeast Asia’s new consumers

A new generation of middle-class consumers is on the rise in Southeast Asia, says Kevin Martin.

Singapore at 50

Singapore’s links with fast-growing Asian countries can support the nation’s growth ambitions.

Moving beyond oil

Strong ties with Asia could help Middle Eastern states build a diverse modern economy.

Japan to fund India growth

Japanese investors could support India’s economic growth by investing in Indian business.

Renminbi on the rise

Many businesses are discussing the potential of settling trade in RMB, an HSBC survey finds.