China’s measured reform

HSBC Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver reflects on China’s growth and economic reform.

Canada’s trade prize

Canada would gain from increased co-operation on trade with Mexico and the US.

Thinking big

Technology has made it possible for businesses to expand internationally more quickly.

The RMB’s final frontier

Measures by China have put the renminbi on a path to becoming a truly global currency.

A sea change in trade

From tourism to the financial sector, services are reshaping 21st century trade.

Europe’s growth platform

The largest trading bloc in the world continues to attract global businesses.

Shaping the future

China is on course to be this century’s dominant economic power, says Stuart Gulliver, HSBC.

Asia’s trillion-dollar test

Asia needs significant long-term investment in infrastructure, says HSBC’s Arturo Recio.

Driving financial reform

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ investments will transform Asian capital markets, says Gordon French.

Trade’s tech revolution

Technology is reshaping global trade and investment flows, says HSBC’s Stuart Tait.