Australia-China trade hits right notes

Australia is set to take its trade and investment relationship with China to a new level.

Asia: The centre of global trade and growth

Continued economic reforms could help Asia play an even greater role on the world stage.

Wheels in motion in Southeast Asia

A new railway network has the potential to boost economic growth in Southeast Asia.

Rethinking global trade finance

Business leaders must take action to improve access to trade finance, says Natalie Blyth.

Panda bond first for HSBC

A new licence will help HSBC offer corporate clients greater access to China’s capital markets.

Standing up for trade

People who believe in free and fair trade need to champion its benefits, says Natalie Blyth.

China’s global ambitions

China’s growing influence in international affairs should be welcomed, says Stuart Gulliver.

Middleweight champions

Mid-market businesses are the backbone of the economy – but their impact could be greater still.

China opens up to inward investors

The US and China are set to cooperate in areas including capital markets, technology and innovation and retail, says David Liao, CEO and President, HSBC China.

Trade gains traction

Progress towards international agreements could support the fragile recovery in trade flows.