China’s global ambitions

China’s growing influence in international affairs should be welcomed, says Stuart Gulliver.

Middleweight champions

Mid-market businesses are the backbone of the economy – but their impact could be greater still.

China opens up to inward investors

The US and China are set to cooperate in areas including capital markets, technology and innovation and retail, says David Liao, CEO and President, HSBC China.

Trade gains traction

Progress towards international agreements could support the fragile recovery in trade flows.

The TFA: a boost for global trade

Trade facilitation could make it simpler, safer and cheaper to do business across borders.

Inside tomorrow’s China

China is now the world’s leading advocate for open trade, says HSBC’s Stuart Gulliver.

Trade agreements: think smaller, for now

Bilateral or regional trade deals are a useful step to market openness, says Douglas Lippoldt.

Blockchain can pull trade into the digital age

Blockchain technology could revolutionise international trade, says Vivek Ramachandran.

China and ASEAN forge new links

China’s Belt and Road initiative will help to plug ASEAN’s infrastructure gap, says Peter Wong.

Seizing the Asian opportunity

Businesses seeking growth in Asia need to understand how it is changing, says Stuart Gulliver.