Trump, trade and jobs

Protectionism is not the answer to the stress in the US labour market, says Douglas Lippoldt.

Dusseldorf’s famous tree-lined Königsalle shopping boulevard at dusk
Seizing the Asian opportunity

Businesses seeking growth in Asia need to understand how it is changing, says Stuart Gulliver.

A sea change in trade

From tourism to the financial sector, services are reshaping 21st century trade.

Frankfurt is one of Europe’s trusted international financial centres
Europe’s growth platform

The largest trading bloc in the world continues to attract global businesses.

A bright spot for trade

Trade in services is prospering - and has the potential to expand even further.

Full speed on the New Silk Road

The New Silk Road is a key part of China’s plan to globalise its capital.

Shaping the future

China is on course to be this century’s dominant economic power, says Stuart Gulliver, HSBC.

Asia’s trillion-dollar test

Asia needs significant long-term investment in infrastructure, says HSBC’s Arturo Recio.

Driving financial reform

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ investments will transform Asian capital markets, says Gordon French.

A new era of trade

HSBC’s Douglas Lippoldt examines the potential of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.