The grass is greener

New HSBC buildings in Leeds and Hong Kong have been designed to high sustainability standards.

Building a brighter future

HSBC is supporting a project to build 350 community schools in Egypt over three years.

Cleaning up the Yangtze

The HSBC Water Programme has helped WWF tackle pollution in Chinese lakes and rivers.

Switching on to renewables

By 2020, HSBC aims for a quarter of the energy powering its buildings to be renewable.

HSBC Mexico reduces waste

Increased recycling has helped HSBC Mexico hit a key target for its main office buildings.

Pathways to carbon neutrality

Investor demand is driving the development of low-carbon finance, says Stuart Gulliver.

Skills in India

HSBC is supporting a life skills programme in India that aims to help more than 75,000 people.

Science leaders of the future

HSBC donates USD25 million to support a cutting-edge biomedical research facility in London.

HSBC supports the Red Cross

HSBC donates USD500,000 for humanitarian relief in response to the refugee crisis in Europe.

Financing the low-carbon economy

Private and public bodies must work together to combat climate change, says Stuart Gulliver.