Sustainability in action at HSBC

Managers on the HSBC Sustainability Leadership Programme support original scientific research.

A place to feel safe for young cancer sufferers

Ana from HSBC Mexico visits a charitable project supported by the bank’s 150 Community Fund.

HSBC UK unveils new green HQ

HSBC UK’s new headquarters in Birmingham will be one of the greenest buildings in Birmingham.

Reporting on our impact

The new ESG report reflects HSBC’s commitment to playing a positive role in society.

HSBC tightens environmental targets

HSBC is getting more ambitious about cutting carbon and boosting its use of renewables.

Creating an inclusive environment

A diversity group run by US employees helps to inspire and motivate the next generation.

Valuing diversity

Birgit Neu, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, answers questions on HSBC’s approach to supporting an inclusive working culture.

Inspiring the next generation

HSBC’s Youth Opportunities Programme has helped nearly a million young people since 2006.

More fair, more balanced

A staff network promoting gender equality has created opportunities for women at HSBC in India.

Finding the right balance

HSBC employees talk about how they combine a career at the bank with raising children.