China widens the Silk Road

From fashion to infrastructure projects, China’s investment overseas continues to rise.

The Trump effect on the rules of engagement

The President-elect’s policies could change the global economic order, argues Stephen King.

Can virtual reality overtake driverless cars?

Autonomous transport is set to become a reality in the next few years. But it may be only a stepping stone to virtual-reality based transport.

UK needs to up trade game

It’s time for the UK to boost its services exports to fast-growing economies, says Stuart Gulliver.

Southeast Asia’s consumer powerhouse

The ASEAN region is a potential game-changer for companies that are looking for growth.

Europe’s growth platform

The largest trading bloc in the world continues to attract global businesses.

Indonesia’s potential

Further reform can help Indonesia achieve its economic potential, says Sumit Dutta, HSBC.

Chinese tourists go global

HSBC’s Richard Li says that Chinese tourists are increasingly ambitious and adventurous.

Malaysia’s 2020 vision

Further reform and investment is needed if Malaysia is to become a "developed nation" by 2020.

An evolving relationship

Australian exporters must adapt as China’s import needs change, says HSBC’s Tony Cripps.