Emerging-economy cities are key to global growth

Urbanisation in emerging markets will drive the global economy over the coming decades.

US and China drive global economy

The near-term prospects for growth continue to strengthen. But challenges remain.

Trade agreements: think smaller, for now

Bilateral or regional trade deals are a useful step to market openness, says Douglas Lippoldt.

Solar power’s bright future

Solar power is set to overtake wind as the world’s leading technology for renewable energy.

Britain keeps spending – for now

HSBC’s Liz Martins analyses why the UK economy is performing unexpectedly well.

Trump, trade and jobs

Protectionism is not the answer to the stress in the US labour market, says Douglas Lippoldt.

Asia still has problems

A challenging outlook for exports will affect Asian growth in 2017, says Frederic Neumann.

Global expectations pick up

Market optimism has grown as 2017 begins but policy risks remain, says HSBC’s Janet Henry.

China: five key themes for 2017

HSBC’s Qu Hongbin discusses the trends likely to shape China’s economy in the year ahead.

The UAE’s economic transformation

HSBC’s Abdulfattah Sharaf says the UAE continues to diversify its economy beyond oil and energy.