The end of the road for car ownership?

Robo-taxis could drive out car ownership, says Horst Schneider, Head Automotive Analyst, HSBC.

India punches its weight

Recent reforms could help to make India the world’s third largest economy within a decade.

Australian trade back in surplus

Tourism and education have helped to boost Australia’s exports.

China’s restructuring boosts exports

Increasingly sophisticated products have helped China to sell more overseas, says Qu Hongbin.

The grid adapts to green power

How can national power networks adapt as renewable energy becomes more widespread?

Trade gains traction

Progress towards international agreements could support the fragile recovery in trade flows.

The wage conundrum

Are technological advances and the rise of the gig economy holding back wage growth?

China’s empty-nesters keen to spend and travel

How do affluent Chinese parents spend their money after their only child leaves home?

A world without cash?

Cash usage has already peaked in the UK and Sweden as electronic and mobile payments boom.

The UAE’s economic transformation

HSBC’s Abdulfattah Sharaf says the UAE continues to diversify its economy beyond oil and energy.