An illustration of a fingerprint in blue on a digital screen
HSBC appoints technology advisory board

HSBC has appointed a panel of experts to help the bank to take advantage of digital innovations.

A nighttime image showing city lights in at least half a dozen southern American states from 225 miles above planet Earth
Banking’s digital revolution

Digital advances have created incredible opportunities for banks, says HSBC’s Josh Bottomley.

A sea change in trade

From tourism to the financial sector, services are reshaping 21st century trade.

The mobile consumer

Mobile trends in the leisure and media industries are being adopted by other sectors.

Upwardly mobile societies

Mobile technology is bringing opportunities to those who need them most.

China’s shift to digital

Improving internet access is transforming China’s economy, says HSBC’s Helen Wong.

Container port in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Trade finance in a changing world

Digital technology could make international trade safer and quicker, says Douglas Flint.

An architect’s model of a house and its blueprints
The changing face of exports

A new HSBC report predicts that services will account for a quarter of global trade by 2030.

Lines of program code on a computer screen
Services industries boost trade

Services trade is likely to remain a bright spot for exporters, according to a new HSBC report.

Using big data to benefit the economy

HSBC has signed a partnership with The Alan Turing Institute, the UK centre for data science.