Blockchain can pull trade into the digital age

Blockchain technology could revolutionise international trade, says Vivek Ramachandran.

Banking’s digital revolution

Digital advances have created incredible opportunities for banks, says HSBC’s Josh Bottomley.

HSBC appoints technology advisory board

HSBC has appointed a panel of experts to help the bank to take advantage of digital innovations.

Investing in digital innovation

HSBC is working with the Hong Kong government to develop banking technology at a new lab.

Trade finance in a changing world

Digital technology could make international trade safer and quicker, says Douglas Flint.

The changing face of exports

A new HSBC report predicts that services will account for a quarter of global trade by 2030.

Services industries boost trade

Services trade is likely to remain a bright spot for exporters, according to a new HSBC report.

China’s consumers may teach the world how to shop

Consumers are revolutionising the way consumer finance is conducted in China.

Can virtual reality overtake driverless cars?

Autonomous transport is set to become a reality in the next few years. But it may be only a stepping stone to virtual-reality based transport.

Understanding the tech consumer

New technologies are reshaping consumer behaviour. Businesses may need to adapt as a result.