China’s infrastructure ambitions

China is planning major infrastructure investments in countries to its west and south.

HSBC China Conference

An HSBC conference in Shanghai discusses China’s plans for investment and economic reform.

Renminbi on the rise

Many businesses are discussing the potential of settling trade in RMB, an HSBC survey finds.

Free-trade zones speed up reform

New free-trade zones could accelerate China’s financial reform process, says HSBC's Helen Wong.

Year of the Sheep

International use of the Chinese renminbi (RMB) is set to grow during the Year of the Sheep.

German exporters look east

The fast-growing markets of China and India offer opportunities to German exporters.

France looks to China for growth

A strong relationship with China could be key to future growth for some French businesses.

China’s markets open further

Financial reforms are opening up Chinese bond and equity markets to foreign investment.

Growing links with Guangdong

Boosting cooperation between Hong Kong and Guangdong province could help both thrive.

Canada and the RMB

Trading links between Canada and China are set to grow, says HSBC’s Jason Henderson.