China steps up

China is set to play a more prominent role on the global stage, says Stuart Gulliver.

China: five key themes for 2017

HSBC’s Qu Hongbin discusses the trends likely to shape China’s economy in the year ahead.

China’s consumers may teach the world how to shop

Consumers are revolutionising the way consumer finance is conducted in China.

China widens the Silk Road

From fashion to infrastructure projects, China’s investment overseas continues to rise.

Don’t fear China’s overseas acquisitions

Gordon French on the drivers behind China's record-high overseas acquisitions.

China’s transition

China’s economic transition offers opportunities for global businesses, says Stuart Gulliver.

China paves road to growth

China’s infrastructure plans could present opportunities for international companies.

Poland on the New Silk Road

Poland and China aim to take trade, investment and economic cooperation to a new level.

RMB joins the club

China’s RMB has taken another step in its journey towards becoming a global currency.

Banknote sale benefits Hong Kong charities

Hong Kong charities will benefit from the millions raised by HSBC’s sale of HKD150 banknotes.