China’s global ambitions

China’s growing influence in international affairs should be welcomed, says Stuart Gulliver.

HSBC wins Belt and Road award

Bank wins recognition for its expertise relating to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

China’s restructuring boosts exports

Increasingly sophisticated products have helped China to sell more overseas, says Qu Hongbin.

Green bonds come of age

Green bonds have a vital role to play in helping to tackle climate change, says Gordon French.

China opens up to inward investors

The US and China are set to cooperate in areas including capital markets, technology and innovation and retail, says David Liao, CEO and President, HSBC China.

China’s empty-nesters keen to spend and travel

How do affluent Chinese parents spend their money after their only child leaves home?

China: From green laggard to green leader

China is ploughing billions into clean energy and promoting the use of electric vehicles.

Inside tomorrow’s China

China is now the world’s leading advocate for open trade, says HSBC’s Stuart Gulliver.

China and ASEAN forge new links

China’s Belt and Road initiative will help to plug ASEAN’s infrastructure gap, says Peter Wong.

Seizing the Asian opportunity

Businesses seeking growth in Asia need to understand how it is changing, says Stuart Gulliver.