Image of the skyline in Beijing, China
China: five key themes for 2017

HSBC’s Qu Hongbin discusses the trends likely to shape China’s economy in the year ahead.

Dusseldorf’s famous tree-lined Königsalle shopping boulevard at dusk
Seizing the Asian opportunity

Businesses seeking growth in Asia need to understand how it is changing, says Stuart Gulliver.

Full speed on the New Silk Road

The New Silk Road is a key part of China’s plan to globalise its capital.

China’s redback rises higher

Beijing remains committed to RMB internationalisation despite market volatility.

Shaping the future

China is on course to be this century’s dominant economic power, says Stuart Gulliver, HSBC.

On track

HSBC is sponsoring a train service in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, southern China.

Beijing backs growth and reform

The Chinese government plans to pursue growth and reform in 2016, says Qu Honbgin, HSBC.

China’s shift to digital

Improving internet access is transforming China’s economy, says HSBC’s Helen Wong.

Driving financial reform

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ investments will transform Asian capital markets, says Gordon French.

China embraces green bonds

Green bonds could help China meet its sustainability goals, says HSBC’s Wai-Shin Chan.