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Food for the future

Food for the future

2 September 2014

The world’s population is forecast to rise to 9.6 billion by 2050. One of the biggest challenges is…

Enjoy the UK recovery while it lasts

Enjoy the UK recovery while it lasts

29 August 2014

There’s been much excitement about Britain’s return to the top of the international growth…

Beijing invests overseas

Beijing invests overseas

20 August 2014

China has been a favoured destination for foreign direct investment since its…

China reforms urban divide

China reforms urban divide

13 August 2014

China’s Hukou system, which divides people into rural and urban residents at birth,…

Asia’s food inflation risks

Asia’s food inflation risks

13 August 2014

The most acute risks from an El Niño in the Pacific Ocean have subsided for 2014 but…

Paper demand stacks up

Paper demand stacks up

11 August 2014

Paper consumption is rising despite the advance of digital technology and growth is…

Emerging markets PMI

China PMI slows

Conditions in the Chinese manufacturing sector slowed, according to the HSBC China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index™. The index fell to 50.2 in August, down from an 18-month high of 51.7 in July.





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Renminbi timeline

10 July 2014

China’s economic growth and liberalisation are leading to increasing international use of its currency, the renminbi. We chart some of the recent milestones.

RMB: moving forward

12 May 2014

The RMB is used by one fifth of the world’s population. Outside of China it remains little known, compared with the US dollar or euro. Helen Wong, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC China, explains why that is changing fast.

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