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News and insight

RMB in the Year of the Monkey

5 February 2016

For many years, the Chinese currency – the renminbi or RMB – could be used only inside…

A new era of trade

5 February 2016

Seventy years of trade-policy reform have substantially reduced tariffs, yet they remain…

Boosting China’s regions

4 February 2016

China’s recent woes – decelerating growth, falling currency, plunging stock…

Don’t retire your ambitions

27 January 2016

Retirement used to be seen as a time to sit back and live life at a slower pace.…

The desire to retire

27 January 2016

Retirement remains an unaffordable dream for many, according to a new…

Cleaning up the Yangtze

26 January 2016

“I realised we had been destroying the natural environment to make ends…

China and the renminbi

China’s new course

9 December 2015

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan sees keeping annual growth above 6.5 per cent as…

China bond markets open

13 November 2015

China is opening its bond market further to foreign investors. In July the People’s…

Renminbi timeline Renminbi timeline

We outline some of the latest developments in China's currency.


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