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News and insight

How weak productivity can neuter monetary policy

25 August 2016

Weak output growth is creating challenges for the developed world, says HSBC’s Stephen King.

A marathon effort

24 August 2016

HSBC employee Frank talks about the voluntary work he does with the visually impaired.

Why handing over is hard to do

18 August 2016

What do family business owners need to know before passing on control to the next generation?

Trade’s blockchain breakthrough

16 August 2016

HSBC is taking part in an initiative to use technology to simplify international trade.

Southeast Asia’s consumer powerhouse

11 August 2016

The ASEAN region is a potential game-changer for companies that are looking for growth.

Filling ASEAN’s infrastructure pothole

11 August 2016

More non-government financing will be needed to meet ASEAN’s infrastructure needs.

China and the renminbi

HSBC wins renminbi award

1 June 2016

Bank tops Asiamoney’s Offshore RMB Poll for the fifth year running.

The RMB’s final frontier

27 May 2016

Measures by China have put the renminbi on a path to becoming a truly global currency.

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