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US heads for zero inflation

US heads for zero inflation

23 January 2015

The sharp plunge in crude oil prices has boosted the outlook for US growth in 2015…

Lifelong abitions

Lifelong ambitions

19 January 2015

Many people aspire to take control and put aside savings and investments for retirement. But…

Start planning early

Start planning early

19 January 2015

More than two thirds of people of working age fear that they will run out of money…

Asia slows down

Asia slows down

13 January 2015

Measured against the West or other emerging markets, Asian growth looks…

Sand in eurozone wheels

Sand in eurozone wheels

13 January 2015

For the eurozone, 2015 is shaping up to be a testing year. The rise of…

Canada and the RMB

Canada and the RMB

2 January 2015

Almost 1.5 million people living in Canada described their background as…

Emerging markets PMI

Flash PMI increase

Operating conditions in the Chinese manufacturing sector improved slightly, according to the HSBC Flash China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index™. The index was 49.8 in January, up from 49.6 in December.

Flash PMI




China and the renminbi

How big is Asia?

How big is Asia?

19 December 2014

China’s economy now exceeds that of the United States in purchasing power parity…

China’s New Silk Road

China’s New Silk Road

1 December 2014

China has pledged USD40 billion for infrastructure investment to build a New Silk Road in…

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Renminbi timeline

10 November 2014

China’s economic growth and liberalisation are leading to increasing international use of its currency, the renminbi. We chart some of the recent milestones.

RMB: moving forward

RMB: moving forward

12 May 2014

The renminbi is used by one fifth of the world’s population. Outside of China it remains little known, compared with the US dollar or euro. Helen Wong, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC China, explains why that is changing fast.

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