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News and insight

Bring your game

25 March 2015

During the HSBC-sponsored Hong Kong Sevens tournament, taking place 27-29 March,…

Free-trade zones speed up reform

24 March 2015

The launch of China’s new free trade zone programme is set to take…

Asian investors go green

24 March 2015

Asia needs to invest heavily in infrastructure to sustain growth. But unless we design…

Renminbi on the rise

24 March 2015

China’s currency is increasingly important in international trade. More than a fifth of…

Time to understand China

23 March 2015

With China expected to achieve capital account convertibility within two to three years, the…

China invests in Europe

17 March 2015

China’s switch from growing exports to promoting domestic market growth is leading to a…

Emerging markets PMI

Flash PMI falls

Operating conditions in the Chinese manufacturing sector deteriorated in March, hitting an 11-month low, according to the HSBC Flash China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index™. The index was 49.2 in March, down from 50.7 in February.

Flash PMI




China and the renminbi

Renminbi views

25 March 2015

International use of the Chinese renminbi (RMB) is growing fast. Two HSBC colleagues…

Where now for the renminbi?

27 February 2015

We expect the renminbi (RMB) to continue becoming more market-oriented, with the Chinese…

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Renminbi timeline

2 January 2015

China’s economic growth and liberalisation are leading to increasing international use of its currency, the renminbi. We chart some of the recent milestones.

Year of the Sheep

23 March 2015

The Chinese renminbi (RMB) is an increasingly important currency for international trade and investment. In the Year of the Sheep, its use is likely to grow further.

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