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China policy easing

China policy easing

4 September 2014

China’s economic growth is losing momentum. The past few rounds of mini-stimulus measures have helped only marginally. One consequence…

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‘All for one, one for all’

29 September 2014

The financial crisis has completely changed the eurozone’s winners and losers. Germany now…

Asia’s electronics industry

Asia’s electronics industry

25 September 2014

When China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001 its share of global electronics…

Global exports to gather pace

Global exports to gather pace

16 September 2014

World trade is likely to pick up as a stronger global economy drives a recovery in demand,…

China share link opens more gates

16 September 2014

The new Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect scheme is a way into China’s equity…

Lion city must work on its roar

Lion city must work on its roar

11 September 2014

After a five-decade economic sprint, Singapore has evolved into a prosperous and well-balanced…

International education

International education

10 September 2014

Australia is the most expensive destination for overseas students, according to research…

Emerging markets PMI

Flash PMI at two-month high

Conditions in the Chinese manufacturing sector improved, according to the HSBC Flash China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index™. The index hit a two-month high of 50.5 in September, up from 50.2 in August.

Flash PMI




China and the renminbi

Beijing invests overseas

Beijing invests overseas

20 August 2014

China has been a favoured destination for foreign direct investment since its economy opened up…

China and ASEAN trade

China and ASEAN trade

20 August 2014

China and ASEAN are a natural fit as trade partners. The links have strengthened in the last 20 years thanks…

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Renminbi timeline

15 September 2014

China’s economic growth and liberalisation are leading to increasing international use of its currency, the renminbi. We chart some of the recent milestones.

RMB: moving forward

12 May 2014

The RMB is used by one fifth of the world’s population. Outside of China it remains little known, compared with the US dollar or euro. Helen Wong, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC China, explains why that is changing fast.

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