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10 Jun 2046 HSBC Bank plc USD 300,000,000 Credit Linked Note ISIN XS1412419746
Pricing supplement (12-page PDF 1MB)
10 Jun 2046 HSBC Bank plc USD 40,000,000 Fixed Rate Note ISIN XS1425278048
Pricing supplement (11-page PDF 151KB)
29 Aug 2046 HSBC Bank plc EUR 25,000,000 Zero coupon callable note ISIN XS1481198999
Pricing supplement (9-page PDF 236KB)
1 Nov 2083 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 39,525m Subordinated floating rate note (callable monthly) ISIN CA21113KAB13
Prospectus (13-page PDF 794KB)
15 Jul 2097 HSBC USA Inc USD 250m 7.2% Subordinated Debentures ISIN US760719BH68 Cusip 760719BH6
Pricing supplement (12-page PDF 2MB)
HSBC Holdings plc USD 2,000,000,000 6.875% Perpetual Subordinated Contingent Convertible Securities (Callable June 2021 and Every 5 Years Thereafter) ISIN US404280BC26 CUSIP 404280BC2
Final terms (16-page PDF 259KB)
Prospectus supplement (170-page PDF 489KB)
HSBC Bank Canada CAD 175m 5.0% Non-Cumulative Class 1 Preferred Shares, Series D (callable from 31 December 2010 at a premium; from 31 December 2014 at par) ISIN CA404227H7076 Cusip 40427H707
Prospectus (18-page PDF 90KB)
Prospectus - French (19-page PDF 129KB)
HSBC Bank Canada CAD 175m 5.1% Non-Cumulative Class 1 Preferred Shares, Series C (callable from 30 June 2010 at a premium; from 30 June 2014 at par) Common code 041139714 Cusip 40427H509
Prospectus (18-page PDF 99KB)
Prospectus - French (19-page PDF 128KB)
HSBC USA Inc USD 517.5m Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series F, minimum dividend 3.5% (callable quarterly) Exchange symbol HBA F Cusip 40428H805 Common code 025873483
Prospectus supplement (63-page PDF 232KB)
HSBC Holdings plc USD 2,200m 8.125% Perpetual Subordinated Capital Securities Exchangeable at the Issuer's Option into Non-Cumulative Dollar Preference Shares (callable 15 April 2013) Cusip 404280703 Common code 035732535
Prospectus supplement (104-page PDF 334KB)