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Fixed income securities

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7 Sep 2015 HSBC France CHF 200m 1.750% Covered Bond ISIN CH0111297393 Final terms (10-page PDF 43KB)
10 Sep 2015 HSBC Bank plc JPY 32,000m Floating Rate Senior Notes ISIN JP582653BA93 Sedol B65XS56 Conditions of bonds (13-page PDF 75KB)
10 Sep 2015 HSBC Bank plc JPY 77,600m 1.010% Senior Notes ISIN JP582653AA94 Sedol B3QP593 Conditions of bonds (10-page PDF 65KB)
11 Sep 2015 HSBC Bank plc USD 1,750,000 Autocallable Recovery Short DI put ISIN XS1106089268 Pricing supplement (14-page PDF 102KB)
14 Sep 2015 HSBC Bank plc EUR 450,000 Maxi Callable + Short DI Put ISIN XS1166925112 Pricing supplement (15-page PDF 56KB)
14 Sep 2015 HSBC Bank plc EUR 531,000 Maxi Auto-Callable + short DI Put ISIN XS1042827680 Pricing supplement (15-page PDF 55KB)
14 Sep 2015 HSBC Bank plc EUR 2,375,000 Callable Leverage Airbag ISIN XS0969013563 Pricing supplement (11-page PDF 54KB)
15 Sep 2015 HSBC Bank plc USD 5,000,000 Vol Control Basket Growth (option only) ISIN XS0969108355 Pricing supplement (28-page PDF 598KB)
17 Sep 2015 HSBC Bank plc USD 9.024m PALMS Note 1055 ISIN XS0831737001 Historical prices (3-page PDF 15KB)
Final terms (17-page PDF 58KB)
18 Sep 2015 HSBC Finance Corporation JPY 50,000m 1.79% Senior Notes ISIN JP584125B599 Common code 029096422 Conditions of bonds (18-page PDF 105KB)