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16 Nov 2018 HSBC Bank plc GBP 4.06m Auto-Callable + Short DI Put ISIN XS0852985349 Final terms (14-page PDF 192KB)
17 Nov 2018 HSBC Bank plc GBP 474,000 Maxi Autocallable short DI put with exit bonus ISIN XS1065915719 Pricing supplement (11-page PDF 66KB)
Terms and conditions (14-page PDF 97KB)
21 Nov 2018 HSBC Bank plc USD 4,000,000 Maxi Auto-Callable short DI put ISIN XS0994442829 Preference shares (14-page PDF 76KB)
Pricing supplement (10-page PDF 40KB)
22 Nov 2018 HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt EUR 5m KGaA 4.42% Schuldscheindarlehen Private Placement Term sheet (3-page PDF 79KB)
27 Nov 2018 HSBC Bank plc GBP 866,000 Maxi Auto-Callable Short DI Put ISIN XS1139266511 Pricing supplement (11-page PDF 38KB)
Terms and conditions (15-page PDF 68KB)
28 Nov 2018 HSBC Bank plc GBP 4.1848m Preference Shares ISIN GB00B91R6598 Final terms (11-page PDF 38KB)
Preference shares (13-page PDF 164KB)
30 Nov 2018 HSBC Bank plc GBP 1.613075m Warrants - CREST SETTLED ISIN GB00B8QYF407 Final terms (10-page PDF 39KB)
3 Dec 2018 HSBC France EUR 1,000m 1.625% Senior Notes ISIN FR0011645845 Final terms (8-page PDF 142KB)
3 Dec 2018 HSBC Mexico SA MXN 2,300m Floating Rate Senior Notes HSBC13 Prospectus supplement - Spanish (52-page PDF 5MB)
3 Dec 2018 HSBC Bank plc EUR 500,000 Maxi Autocallable Reverse 1/Strike Put ISIN XS0999504391 Pricing supplement (12-page PDF 98KB)