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Fixed income securities

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5 Mar 2018 HSBC Bank plc USD 6,660,000 PALMS1231 ISIN XS1198832294 Final terms (21-page PDF 381KB)
6 Mar 2018 HSBC Bank plc USD 500,000 Maxi Auto-Callable + short DI Put ISIN XS1195454399 Terms and conditions (16-page PDF 224KB)
Pricing supplement (11-page PDF 226KB)
7 Mar 2018 HSBC Bank plc USD 1,000,000 Maxi Autocallable Short DI Put with Exit Bonus ISIN XS1039695900 Pricing supplement (12-page PDF 36KB)
Terms and conditions (15-page PDF 68KB)
7 Mar 2018 HSBC Bank plc USD 1,000,000 Autocallable Maxi DI Reverse with Exit Bonus ISIN XS1039701138 Terms and conditions (15-page PDF 65KB)
Pricing supplement (12-page PDF 36KB)
12 Mar 2018 HSBC Bank plc USD 1,450,000 Maxi Autocallable Recovery short DI put ISIN XS1197832162 Pricing supplement (16-page PDF 60KB)
15 Mar 2018 HSBC Finance Corporation NOK 600m 4.5% Senior Notes ISIN XS0246835754 Common code 024683575 Final terms (8-page PDF 2MB)
19 Mar 2018 HSBC Bank plc USD 12,900,000 PALMS1232 ISIN XS1204810961 Final terms (21-page PDF 105KB)
19 Mar 2018 HSBC Bank plc GBP 4,000,000 Leverage Airbag + ISIN GB00BKXG3D80 Pricing supplement (9-page PDF 67KB)
19 Mar 2018 HSBC Bank plc GBP 1,320,000 Maxi Autocallable short DI put with exit bonus ISIN XS1044230354 Terms and conditions (15-page PDF 178KB)
Pricing supplement (11-page PDF 43KB)
19 Mar 2018 HSBC Holdings plc EUR 1,600m 6.250% Subordinated Notes ISIN XS0353643744 Common code 0353643744 Final terms (10-page PDF 201KB)
Final terms (increase) (10-page PDF 204KB)