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Fixed income securities

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21 May 2015 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 500m 3.86% Deposit Note ISIN CA40427HRS45 Cusip 40427HRS4 Term sheet (1-page PDF 18KB)
23 Nov 2015 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 1,000m 2.572% Deposit Note Cusip 40427HSP9 Term sheet (1-page PDF 58KB)
21 Jan 2016 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 250m Floating Rate Deposit Note ISIN CA40427HSR52 CUSIP 40427HSR5 Term sheet (1-page PDF 80KB)
13 Jan 2017 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 1,000m 2.901% Deposit Note ISIN CA40427HSM65 Cusip 40427HSM6 Term sheet (1-page PDF 57KB)
4 Oct 2017 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 1,000m 3.558% Deposit Note ISIN CA40427HRV73 Cusip 40427HRV7 Term sheet (1-page PDF 18KB)
14 Jan 2020 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 1,250m 2.938% Senior Notes ISIN CA40427HSQ79 CUSIP 40427HSQ7 Term sheet (1-page PDF 82KB)
16 Mar 2021 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 200m 4.94% Subordinated Debentures, Series C (callable 16 March 2016) ISIN CA40427HKK81 Common code 038821091 Cusip 40427HKK8 Trust indenture (14-page PDF 55KB)
10 Apr 2022 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 400m 4.80% Subordinated Debentures, Series D (callable 10 April 2017) ISIN CA40427HLZ42 Common code 050378888 Cusip 40427HLZ4 Prospectus supplement (11-page PDF 85KB)
1 Nov 2083 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 39,525m Subordinated floating rate note (callable monthly) ISIN CA21113KAB13 Prospectus (13-page PDF 794KB)
HSBC Bank Canada CAD 175m 5.1% Non-Cumulative Class 1 Preferred Shares, Series C (callable from 30 June 2010 at a premium; from 30 June 2014 at par) Common code 041139714 Cusip 40427H509 Prospectus (18-page PDF 99KB)