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7 Jul 2016 HSBC Bank plc CHF 2,940,000 Autocallable Recovery Short DI Put ISIN XS1257188505 Pricing supplement (14-page PDF 104KB)
8 Jul 2016 HSBC Bank plc CHF 925,000 Autocallable Recovery Short DI put ISIN XS1258031308 Pricing supplement (14-page PDF 102KB)
14 Jul 2016 HSBC Finance Corporation CHF 525m 3.25% Senior Notes ISIN CH0025978716 Common code 025860080 Final terms (10-page PDF 3MB)
Final terms (increase) (11-page PDF 699KB)
24 Aug 2016 HSBC France CHF 10,000,000 Callable Leverage Airbag ISIN FR0012537389 Pricing supplement (16-page PDF 68KB)
1 Sep 2016 HSBC Bank plc CHF 300m 1.875% Senior Notes ISIN CH0116055317 Common code 053230776 Final terms (13-page PDF 128KB)
10 Oct 2016 HSBC Bank plc CHF 3,000,000 Autocallable Recovery Short DI put ISIN XS1303502246 Pricing supplement (14-page PDF 80KB)
3 Apr 2017 HSBC Bank plc CHF 300m 2.75% Covered Bonds ISIN CH0029630131 Common code 029060436 Final terms (10-page PDF 356KB)
Prospectus (165-page PDF 12MB)
7 Sep 2018 HSBC France CHF 200m 2.375% Covered Bond ISIN CH0111297443 Final terms (10-page PDF 43KB)
23 Apr 2019 HSBC France CHF 200m 2.000% Covered Bond ISIN CH0120743346 Final terms (10-page PDF 33KB)