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HSBC Holdings plc USD 1,450m 6.200% Non-Cumulative Dollar-Denominated Preference Shares Series A of US$0.01 each (callable 16 December 2010) Cusip 404280604 ISIN US 4042806046 Prospectus supplement (84-page PDF 335KB)
HSBC Holdings plc USD 3,800m 8.000% Perpetual Subordinated Capital Securities Exchangeable at the Issuer's Option into Non-Cumulative Dollar Preference Shares, Series 2 (callable 15 December 2015) Cusip 404280802 ISIN US 4042808026 Prospectus supplement (116-page PDF 283KB)
HSBC USA Inc USD 150m $2.8575 Cumulative Preferred Stock (callable) Exchange symbol HBA Z ISIN US40428H2013 Cusip 40428H201 Prospectus supplement (22-page PDF 1MB)
HSBC USA Inc USD 150m Depository Shares Each Representing a One-fourth interest in a Share of Adjustable Rate Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series D (callable) Exchange symbol HBA D ISIN US40428H7061 Cusip 40428H706 Prospectus supplement (62-page PDF 3MB)
HSBC USA Inc USD 373.75m Depositary Shares Each Representing One-Fortieth of a Share of Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series G, minimum dividend 4.0% (callable from 01 January 2011) Exchange symbol HBA G ISIN US40428H8887 Cusip 40428H888 Prospectus supplement (56-page PDF 913KB)
HSBC Bank plc USD 500m Undated Floating Rate Primary Capital Notes (callable semi-annually) ISIN XS0015190423 Common code 001519042 Terms and conditions (19-page PDF 1MB)