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12 Aug 2024 HSBC Bank plc USD 6,075,000 AWP1259 ISIN GB00BQ15VC40 Pricing supplement (21-page PDF 91KB)
15 Aug 2024 HSBC Bank plc USD 1,845,000 AWP1260 ISIN GB00BQ1Y0806 Final terms (21-page PDF 96KB)
19 Aug 2024 HSBC Bank plc USD 10,500,000 AWP1261 ISIN GB00BQ3FVV19 Final terms (20-page PDF 96KB)
20 Aug 2024 HSBC Bank plc USD 72,790 AWP1262 ISIN GB00BQ5BPN76 Final terms (20-page PDF 104KB)
1 May 2025 HSBC Bank plc USD 300m 7.65% Subordinated Notes ISIN US597433AC57 Common code 010576679 Prospectus (part one) (17-page PDF 3MB)
Prospectus (part two) (15-page PDF 5MB)
Prospectus (part three) (19-page PDF 6MB)
18 Mar 2028 HSBC Bank plc USD 20,000,000 Daily Range Accrual ISIN XS0905657291 Final terms (11-page PDF 170KB)
16 Jul 2032 HSBC Bank plc USD 50m Fixed Rate Note ISIN XS0801997080 Final terms (8-page PDF 28KB)
19 Jul 2032 HSBC Bank plc USD 30m Fixed Rate Note ISIN XS0804150109 Final terms (8-page PDF 28KB)
23 Aug 2032 HSBC Bank plc USD 43m Callable Accreting Note ISIN XS0816481666 Final terms (10-page PDF 105KB)
16 Apr 2038 HSBC Bank plc USD 70,000,000 Fixed Rate Note ISIN XS0914275754 Final terms (9-page PDF 27KB)