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16 Mar 2016 HSBC Holdings plc EUR 850m 3.875% Senior Notes ISIN XS0605521185 Common code 060552118 Final terms (10-page PDF 117KB)
Final terms (increase) (10-page PDF 147KB)
19 Mar 2018 HSBC Holdings plc EUR 1,600m 6.250% Subordinated Notes ISIN XS0353643744 Common code 0353643744 Final terms (10-page PDF 201KB)
Final terms (increase) (10-page PDF 204KB)
10 Jun 2019 HSBC Holdings plc EUR 1,750m 6.000% Subordinated Notes ISIN XS0433028254 Common code 043302825 Final terms (10-page PDF 2MB)
29 Jun 2020 HSBC Holdings plc EUR 700m 3.625% Subordinated Notes (callable 29 June 2015) ISIN XS022205331 Common code 02220533 Pricing supplement (10-page PDF 310KB)
5 Apr 2021 HSBC Holdings plc USD 2,500m 5.100% Senior Notes Cusip 404280AK5 ISIN US404280AK50 Prospectus supplement (80-page PDF 354KB)
14 Jan 2022 HSBC Holdings plc USD 900m 4.875% Senior Notes Cusip 404280AL3 ISIN US404280AL34 Prospectus supplement (76-page PDF 329KB)
30 Mar 2022 HSBC Holdings plc USD 2,000m 4.000% Senior Notes Cusip 404280AN9 ISIN US404280AN99 Prospectus supplement (75-page PDF 257KB)
18 Oct 2022 HSBC Holdings plc GBP 900m 6.375% Subordinated Notes (callable 18 October 2017) ISIN XS0326347373 Common code 032634737 Final terms (11-page PDF 371KB)
10 Jan 2024 HSBC Holdings plc EUR 1,500m 3.375% Subordinated Notes (callable 10 January 2019) ISIN XS0969636371 Common code: 096963637 Final terms (7-page PDF 138KB)
Operational Information Document (2-page PDF 137KB)
14 Mar 2024 HSBC Holdings plc USD 2,000m 4.25% Subordinated Notes ISIN US404280AP48 Cusip 404280AP4 Prospectus supplement (94-page PDF 311KB)
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