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In May 2011, we set out a new strategy to investors, employees and other stakeholders with the aim of becoming the world’s leading international bank. One year on, we took stock of our progress and set our priorities for the year ahead.

Our strategy is based on two major trends: the continuing growth of international trade and capital flows; and wealth creation, particularly in faster-growing markets. We are capitalising on these trends, connecting customers to opportunities by building on our distinctive presence in the network of markets, capturing wealth creation in target markets and focusing on retail banking only where we can achieve profitable scale.

Strategy Day presentations from 11 May 2011

Investor Day - Strategy update - 17 May 2012

Douglas Flint


Douglas Flint

Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc

Douglas Flint was appointed Group Chairman in December 2010. He joined HSBC in September 1995 and has served as Group Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director Risk and Regulation.

Download the Introduction presentation (6-page PDF 185KB)
Stuart Gulliver

Group Strategy

Stuart Gulliver

Group Chief Executive

Stuart Gulliver joined HSBC in 1980 and has held a number of key roles in the Group’s operations worldwide. He is also Chairman of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.

Download the Group Strategy presentation (43-page PDF 1.6MB)
Iain Mackay

Capital and Financial targets

Iain Mackay

Group Finance Director

Iain Mackay was appointed as Group Finance Director in December 2010. He joined HSBC in July 2007 and has held a number of key positions across the Group.

Download the Capital and Financial targets presentation (19-page PDF 1.5MB)