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These cookies are vital to us providing key features of our website, such as the ability to use online tools, log on securely and save your favourite articles.

Cookie Name Description
ASP.NET_SessionId This cookie assigns a unique ID to your session to connect it to the server and for other internal processes required throughout the course of the session.
HsbcCookiePolicy This cookie is used to display our website's cookie policy banner.

Functionality and performance cookies

These cookies give you extra functionality, such as being able to ask us to remember your preferences. They also let us monitor how our website is performing so we can make regular improvements.

Cookie Name Description
website#lang This cookie is used to remember your language settings.
This Webtrends cookie identifies user behaviour over time to help us understand how many people come back to our site, how often, and what their preferences are. No personal information is stored in the cookie, nor do we extract any data from your machine. To read more about this third-party cookie, including the provider's comprehensive privacy policy, please visit
_tmid This cookie identifies unique viewers and new viewers.
BC_BANDWIDTH This cookie is used to detect the initial bandwidth of a viewer's computer or device and helps to significantly improve initial rendition selection.
These cookies (local storage entries) are used to collect information about your activities (page views, number of declines, date when the pop-up showed, last action) with the survey pop-up window.

Tailored content cookies

These cookies allow us to display content relevant to you and your interests, based on the way you have used our website previously.

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