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Climate business

We have financed and supported low-carbon transport solutions and funded renewable-energy projects and 'clean-tech' businesses – from providing structured finance for low-emission bus systems to funding large onshore and offshore wind farms and co-ordinating a rights issue for a leader in solar technology.

Governments are pushing ahead with decarbonising their economies, and businesses are responding by producing low-carbon goods and services. HSBC is working with its clients to capture the benefits of the low-carbon economy

Stuart Gulliver,

HSBC Group Chief Executive

Four major opportunities in climate business have been identified:

  • Low-carbon energy production such as bio-energy, nuclear, solar and wind

  • Energy efficiency in buildings, industry and transport, as well as energy storage

  • Adapting to the impacts of climate change, particularly in agriculture, infrastructure and water

  • Providing climate finance, including environmental markets, debt and equity investment and insurance

Our approach

We have central and regional climate business teams dedicated to understanding the commercial opportunities presented by technology and a changing climate, including:

  • HSBC Climate Business Council – comprises senior directors, representatives from all principal business functions and sustainability specialists. It is responsible for analysing markets and identifying commercial opportunities for HSBC

  • Global Banking Clean Tech and Renewables team – focuses on renewable energy projects as well as manufacturers of clean technology. Provides a range of corporate products and services, including acquisition and debt financing, project finance, risk management and strategic advice

  • Sustainable business development teams – provide strategic support to front-line banking colleagues, enabling them to identify and develop climate business opportunities

HSBC also provides insight and advice that helps our customers address these opportunities. Reports from the HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence provide climate intelligence to help investors, policymakers and business leaders worldwide make informed decisions.

HSBC has been rated the number one firm for integrated climate change by the Thomson Extel awards for Pan-European investment research for the past three years.

Case studies

Restoring Sri Lanka’s wells

Volunteers have helped to restore more than 150 wells in Sri Lanka as part of the USD100 million HSBC Water Programme.

Putting down green roots

HSBC is using environmental design principles to create innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable places to work.