We donated USD114 million to community investment programmes around the world in 2014.

Sustainability underpins our strategic priorities and enables us to fulfil our purpose. Our ability to identify and address environmental, social and ethical developments which present risks or opportunities for the business contributes to our financial success.

Sustainable decision-making shapes our reputation, drives employee engagement and affects the risk profile of the business – and can help reduce costs and secure new business.

Finance Finance

We anticipate and manage potential social or environmental risks that may arise through our lending and investment activities. Find out about our sustainability risk policies and our approach to Climate Business.

Operations Operations

We are committed to cutting our annual carbon emissions from 3.5 tonnes per employee in 2011 to 2.5 tonnes by 2020. By 2014, we had reached 2.92 tonnes, thanks to the support of our employees and suppliers.

Communities Communities

We work with leading charities to support projects with a focus on education and the environment. We aim to help young people reach their potential through access to education and entrepreneurship.

Case studies

HSBC volunteers and funds are helping people around the world

Reports and documentation

We no longer produce a printed Sustainability report. Find our environmental and community investment data, independent assurance and supporting documents for 2014.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to key questions on environmental, social and governance issues.